Your Perfect Size

Want to know your perfect size for tops, dresses, jeans, skirts etc. in Zara, Topshop, Next – or any of the high street shops? Or quickly convert your clothes/dress size to all international sizes?

With no need to measure or scan yourself the Dressipi Size Finder calculates your best size in any brand for each of the different clothes categories (dresses, trousers, jeans etc.). It takes two minutes to set up – and you will never have to try or buy the wrong size again.

Simply tell us your size in your favourite brand and our online calculator will show your recommended size in each brand and by every type of clothing category. You can save your favourite brands for quick access, or share with your friends. If we recommend a size that you disagree with, you can correct it and it updates automatically.

Find Your Best Size in Every Brand

The Size Finder has 500 UK, USA, European and all major international brands, overcoming the frustration of vanity sizing.

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