How does the Style Advice work?

Style Advice from the style team

Our Style Advice service puts you in direct contact, via email with our style team. It is perfect for getting expert advice on what to wear to an event, finding new ways to put outfits together from the clothes you own or if you are making a big purchase decision. The Style Advice service is free to use – but to help us manage the demand, once you have asked your first question, if you want to ask another simply invite three friends to Dressipi. This is a short term solution and please only invite friends who you think will love the Dressipi service. Set up your style advice.

Style Guide

Your Style Guide is free and personal to you. It all centres around your shape and includes a comprehensive list of all your wardrobe Must Haves, together with an explanation of why these flatter your shape, and the styles and features you should avoid. It is a great starting point for understanding the basics on how best to dress for your shape – and takes the stress out of deciding whether something suits you or not. It is also a great foundation to building a more streamlined wardrobe. Set up your style guide.

Size Finder

The Size Finder helps you find your best size in any brand for each of the different clothes categories (dresses, trousers, jeans etc.). You can search by brand or category and store your favourites for quick and easy access. If we recommend a size that you disagree with, you can correct it and it updates automatically. Your Size Finder is available on the site