Meet the Team

With passion, ambition and a commitment to learning our close-knit team support, challenge and inspire each other every day. Our expert technologists, data scientists and fashion stylists work side by side with the common goal of helping the fashion industry change.

If you’d like to join us, please visit our our careers page to see what roles we are hiring for.

  • Lord Rose

    Lord Rose


  • Sarah McVittie

    Sarah McVittie


  • Donna North

    Donna North


  • Frederick Cheung

    Frederick Cheung


  • Rob Bevan

    Rob Bevan

    Creative Director

  • Nick Landia

    Nick Landia

    Chief Data Scientist

  • Jonny Aloysius

    Jonny Aloysius

    Director of Finance

  • Natalie Theo

    Natalie Theo

    Style Director

  • Tara Kavanagh-Dowsett

    Tara Kavanagh-Dowsett

    Style Director

  • Selina Mills

    Selina Mills

    Senior Stylist

  • Elisenda Torras

    Elisenda Torras

    Style Team Lead

  • Georgina Fisher

    Georgina Fisher

    Marketing Manager

  • Gabriel Crow

    Gabriel Crow

    Marketing Associate

  • Sean Norris

    Sean Norris

    Sales Development Representative

  • Lara Gonzalez

    Lara Gonzalez

    Sales Development Representative

  • JJ. Green

    JJ. Green

    Machine Learning Developer

  • Athanasios Skrepetos

    Athanasios Skrepetos

    Machine Learning Engineer

  • Rachael McAlister

    Rachael McAlister

    Data Scientist

  • Nicole Richardson

    Nicole Richardson

    Data Scientist

  • Paul Woestelandt

    Paul Woestelandt

    Software Engineer

  • Stefan Collier

    Stefan Collier

    Software Engineer

  • Patrícia Santos

    Patrícia Santos

    Software Engineer

  • Tomasz Pajor

    Tomasz Pajor

    Software Engineer

  • Hassan Iskaf

    Hassan Iskaf

    Front End Engineer

  • Joe Margrie-Rouse

    Joe Margrie-Rouse

    Data Engineer

  • Luke Ingram

    Luke Ingram

    Data Engineer

  • Geoff Wilkinson

    Geoff Wilkinson

    Data Engineer

  • James Tuck

    James Tuck

    Data Analyst

  • Natasha Tol

    Natasha Tol

    Data Analyst

  • Umesh Patel

    Umesh Patel

    Programme Manager

  • Eva Georgiou

    Eva Georgiou


  • Nicholas Kallonas

    Nicholas Kallonas


  • Hollie Morgan

    Hollie Morgan