How OVS improved revenue by 54% and delivered an additional €4m of incremental revenue in the first 6 months through Dressipi’s Personalised Instore emails

The Challenge

OVS is the leading company in the Italian women’s, men’s and kids’ apparel market, with a market share of 8.1% and revenue over €1bn.

In May 2020 OVS re-opened their 1,200 stores post the first lockdown. They have a large database of loyal customers, the majority of whom do not shop online. OVS wanted to use all of their available digital channels to drive maximum footfall into stores and start to recover some of that lost revenue.

They asked us to help them with the content in their emails to support the re-opening.

The Solution

Together with Dressipi, OVS sent personalised emails to all customers on their loyalty program (across kidswear, menswear and womenswear).

By simply injecting Dressipi’s API’s into their existing ESP, the recommendations in the emails included a highly tailored edit of each customer’s best clothing selection filtered by availability in their local store and what was available in their size at that moment.

The emails went beyond segmentation and were truly personalised for each and every customer. Dressipi’s unique fashion attributes means that it is also possible to create edits that maintain the brand DNA. We are able to do this because we have really taken the time to understand the nuances that make fashion different.

The SolutionThe Solution

The Results

Dressipi’s personalised emails enabled OVS to drive more revenue-generating footfall into their stores. The campaign was hugely successful, delivering an additional 54% in terms of revenue per email sent and delivered an additional €4m of incremental revenue in the first 6 months.

“The OVS customer is a much heavier in store shopper and we needed a highly personalised way to target them. By working with Dressipi, we have been able to deliver truly personalised emails to our customers and open up the massive revenue potential of the store portfolio.”

Isabel Serafini, Head of CRM


54 %

rev per email sent

€4 m

incremental revenue

OVS is focused on driving significant double digit growth through all its digital channels. The overall personalisation partnership is an integral part of the OVS roadmap ensuring OVS meet each customer’s expectations at every moment driving more value and better experiences, always delivering the right product at the right time.

Dressipi’s flexible approach to how their recommendations are used and implemented in the customer journey means OVS can create the best possible experience for their shoppers and know they can integrate into any future initiatives.

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