Increasing Revenue
for Fashion Retailers
Fashion-Specific AI

Predict Which Products Each Visitor
Will Buy and Keep;
and Improve Forecasting Models.


Meet Shopper Expectations and Increase Revenue

With always-on customers, retailers need to better understand their preferences, anticipate demand faster and personalise all touch points to stay ahead. The ability to ingest, cleanse, and augment huge quantities of data from multiple sources is at the very heart of the Dressipi Fashion AI Platform.

  • Personalisation


    On the front-end, offer
    entirely personalised experiences by
    predicting which products
    each visitor will buy and keep.

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  • Data Insight Hub

    Data Insight Hub

    On the back-end, improve operational efficiencies by better forecasting which products, in which sizes, to create, market and replenish.

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How River Island increased their revenue by 6% in 12 months with Dressipi’s fashion-focused approach to personalisation and better data

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