Fashion Glossary

Vanity sizing

Refers to the phenomenon of clothing sizes, across different brands and retailers, not being standard. For example, a person can be a size 12 in one brand, a size 14 in another brand and a size 16 in a third brand.


Velvet material textures

A woven fabric with a short dense pile that gives a distinctive feel. Hence the word 'velvety'.


Velveteen material textures

A cloth made of imitation velvet.


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Vest styles can be found on dresses

A sleeveless dress made from cotton jersey fabric.

Vest top

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Vest top styles can be found on tops

A sleeveless, fitted top often with narrow or spaghetti straps. May be worn under other tops for warmth.


A visor protects the eyes from the sun whilst leaving the head exposed. This crownless hat has only a brim and a band which encircles the head.


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Volant sleeve styles can be found on dresses, tops, and jumpsuits

Short voluminous sleeves that look like wings (Volant means flying or capable of flying).

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