How does the Fashion Fingerprint work?

Your Fashion Fingerprint® is your unique style DNA. It’s a collection of everything that is key to you when making that all-important ‘what to wear’, ‘what to buy’ and ‘how to shop’ decision. We use your Fashion Fingerprint® to edit your clothes Recommendations so they are perfect for you. So far there are eight components to this, with more coming to make our selections spot on.

Fashion fingerprint

This menu appears on every page, showing you which Fashion Fingerprint® components you have completed, so you can add and update at any time. The more you complete, the better your Recommendations and advice.

Body Shape

We don’t think in terms of apples, pears or any other fruit because every woman has a unique shape. We calculate your shape by looking at your height, weight, shoulder-bust-hip proportions, and torso to leg ratio, and then look for the clothes that flatter you. You don’t have to measure yourself and you can update your details whenever you like.


We understand your style (or desire to change your style) through our fun quiz, by observing which clothes and accessories you ‘Like and Dislike’ and by looking at what you put into your lists and what you buy.


By giving us your eye, hair and skin colouring and telling us your favourite colours, we can give you your ‘Colours’ and prioritise the colours we show in your Recommendations.


We ask you to add your size in three of your favourite clothes, so we can accurately predict your best size in over 500 brands. Once you have completed this section you can access your personal Size Finder, a quick and easy way to store your sizes in your favourite brands and find your correct size in new brands.


Adding brands to your favourites list (whether you shop them or find them inspiring) enables us to learn more about your personal style aspirations and budget. It also helps us to introduce you to new brands we think you will love or existing ones that are not on your radar. One thing to note in your fashion memory - brands evolve and change their style as designers come and go, so a brand you have never bought from before may suddenly have an amazing collection!

Reveal & Conceal

Lots of women have parts of their body they would rather hide or emphasise. Completing the Reveal & Conceal section of your Fashion Fingerprint® gives us the ability to look for clothes with specific features, for example necklines, garment lengths, materials, and match them to your Recommendations and advice.


Features is a collection of all the clothing features you have selected to never be shown again. You select these by ticking the box on each garment.


We use your measurements to double check the accuracy of your body shape information. It is a good section to add if you are unsure of your proportions.


For some people age and ‘fashion age’ are synonymous, for others, not. We use your year of birth and combine it with your other Fashion Fingerprint® information to determine the brands and features of clothes you are most likely to love (and those you won’t!).

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