Interested in disrupting the trillion pound retail industry? We’re tackling one of the hottest and most challenging problems in Machine Learning: building a personalisation system that understands fashion.

Where you can make an impact

For Dressipi, machine learning is a keystone technology to predict which clothes will look great on a customer, answer questions through Amiya (our chatbot), and process images of products to create metadata.

We are looking for a Software Engineer who has expertise in machine learning programming and can collaborate closely with Data Scientists in implementing state of the art algorithms.

Your job will involve developing and deploying machine learning algorithms for the modelling and analysis of data. Challenges involve very large data sets and design constraints that may arise from, for example, latency requirements. Your work will directly impact end consumers in the form of personalising shopping journeys and communications both in-store and online.

We are not a traditional tech start-up; it is an exciting environment with a diverse group of people, combining the best talents in all disciplines.




Please send your CV and any additional info to