Interested in disrupting the trillion-pound retail industry? We’re tackling one of the hottest and most challenging problems in Machine Learning: designing and building a personalisation system that understands fashion.

Where you can make an impact?

As a Data Engineer in the Dressipi team, you’ll be leading the design and implementation of improvements to the performance of our infrastructure, data architecture and deployment processes. You will be working closely with the Data Science and Recommendations teams, helping them implement and deploy algorithms in a scalable manner.

Our current stack comprises Ruby, Python, Java and a small amount of rust and utilises a wide range of AWS services. We’re always interested in trying new technologies or approaches.

We are looking for a versatile person who can display leader qualities and is enthusiastic to tackle new problems across the both the data architecture and infrastructure areas as we continue to push our technology forward.

We are not a traditional tech start-up; it is an exciting environment with a diverse group of people, combining the best talents in all disciplines.





Please send your CV and any other additional information to