Pear shape - what to wear

Tips and advice on what clothes to wear for pear shape women

Natalie's tips

If your shoulders are narrower than your hips you’ve got what the fashion industry likes to call a pear or triangle shape.

The easiest way to find what fashion suits your body shape is to think in terms of proportions rather than fruit groups. By knowing your height, weight, bust size and hip-to-shoulder ratio, we can recommend the perfect style of clothes to flatter your assets and balance out your proportions. Fine tune these even more by letting us know what parts of your body you want to reveal or conceal.  Discover your correct body shape here and receive free expert advice on how to dress for your shape

In the meantime - if you think of yourself as a pear you can get a taster below for what clothes styles to buy:

How the others describe your shape:

Trinny & Susannah pear description
Small boobs, long waist, flat tummy, saddlebags, heavy legs.

GOK pear description
Small boobs, long waist, flat tummy, shoulders narrower than hips, one size larger on bottom than top, large thighs, short legs.

However, we think you should ignore the above descriptions and take a fashion leap by discovering your real body shape.