Learn About Choosing Clothes
to Hide Specific Body Parts

Do you look in the mirror and think, “If only I can magic away those love handles!”? Are you stopping yourself from wearing the latest fashions because you feel your tummy ‘gets in the way’? And what about those of you searching for dresses with sleeves to navigate your way around batwings! If this sounds like you, Dressipi can come to your style help. Learning how to dress to draw attention away from the parts of your body you don’t like is one very important step towards dressing with confidence and feeling fabulous. Here is our handy ‘how to’ guide:

  1. How to dress legs you don’t love:

    Feel fabulous up top but are conscious about your legs? Hemlines are key to disguising this area. Avoid shorter lengths in the summer, whilst in winter stylish hosiery and knee length boots will help you navigate around the issue perfectly. Trousers and maxis work a dream and anything with elegant draping around the bottom half is a chic distraction. Avoid skinny jeans or bottoms, as well as leggings, unless you style these with long tops.

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  2. How to disguise your tummy

    The bane of many a woman’s lives! But don’t worry, tummy areas can be easily disguised by sticking to these few easy style steps. Key shapes to remember are empire and A-lines and anything with a high waist. Soft draping and pleating, on dresses and tops, will glide over your tummy area rather than clinging to it. Avoid defined waistlines as these sit slap bang on your tummy area. If something has a belted detail you should avoid it unless you can tie the belt at the back of the garment which creates fabulous waist definition without accentuating the tummy area.

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  3. How to disguise your hip area

    So many women worry about the size of their hips. With a few easy style tricks you can disguise the area by learning how to balance out your hip proportions with the rest of your body. A fit-and-flare dress and A-line dress are great shapes as the skirt is fuller and glides over the hips, rather than clinging to them. Go for long line tops and jumpers. You might like an illusion style top with a longer, flattering dip hem at the back. Wide, peg, tapered leg and bootcut trousers are great shapes. Avoid the cling factor with figure-hugging dresses and hip-magnifying low rise waists!

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  4. How to disguise love handles

    Do you suffer from the dreaded love handles or muffin top syndrome? Stick to these quick and simple style solutions for a sleeker looking you. Look for clothes that draw attention away from this area rather than accentuate it. Loose fit clothing will skim over and disguise this area whereas clingy styles will accentuate it. High-rise waistlines will streamline the area, but a low rise will cut right into and magnify it. Body skimming garments with structure add shapely definition, but crop tops and cut-out details will simply highlight the area.

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  5. How to tone down a big bottom

    A lot of women will pay a lot of money to achieve that J’ Lo bootylicious look. But then again if you are one of the millions of women out there who would like to achieve the opposite, follow our easy style steps. Curvaceous bottoms can be disguised with figure-flattering fuller skirts, A-line shapes and longer length tops. Structure and definition flatter this area by streamlining it. What you really want to do is avoid anything with the cling factor. Opt for a high-rise waist on trousers and jeans as a low-rise draws attention to this area.

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  6. How to conceal your calves

    If you’re not happy about your calves use longer hem lengths to disguise them. Maxis and trousers are your go-to garments. Avoid midis or calf length at all costs. Drapey fabrics, wide and bootcut trousers, are perfect as they glide over and disguise this area. Leggings and higher hemlines on dresses and skirts can be worn with a stylish knee-high boot in winter.

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  7. How to disguise your upper arms

    Batwings, upper arm flab…call them what you want but if you are one of the millions of women out there who are not happy about their upper arms follow our quick style steps to magic away the issue. Upper arms can easily be concealed with flattering sleeve lengths. We searched for and found all those dresses with sleeves from short to ¾ length to half sleeves. Angel and dolman sleeves are a stylish change from a regular cut. Avoid capped sleeves as these magnify the area.

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  8. How to disguise thighs

    Saddle bags! Thunder thighs! Are you one of those women plagued by these? Follow these easy style steps to learn how to balance out your proportions and magic away your dressing blues. When concealing thighs that aren’t as slender as you would like, opt for styles that draw attention away from the area. When it comes to hemlines stick to just above the knee, knee length, or anything below the knee. Wide, tapered and peg leg trousers drape (rather than cling) perfectly over thighs. A boot cut trouser balances out your upper and lower leg proportions. Avoid the cling factor with figure hugging styles.

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  9. How to dress if you don’t like your ankles

    A lot of women have an issue with the way that their ankles look. Cankles is what some people call theirs. Follow our simple style rules to eliminate this challenge. Concealing your ankles is all about disguising them with longer length hemlines. Maxi dresses and skirts, and trousers are your wardrobe staples. Avoid calf length trousers as these draw attention to your calves. You can wear leggings and higher length dresses or skirts if you style with a fabulous boot in the winter months.

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  10. How to disguise square shoulders

    If you have square shoulders a few styling tricks will easily soften the area. Necklines that visually divide this area by showing a little (or a lot) of décolletage are key to you, such as v-necks, draped necks, scoop necks and plunge. Avoid high necklines as these make you look top heavy. Avoid fussy shoulder details that add bulk, and strapless shapes and halter necks as these draw attention to your shoulders.

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  11. How to dress sloping shoulders

    If you have sloping shoulders follow these quick and easy style steps to learn how to balance out your proportions. What you need is to create flattering volume. A structured shoulder detail will help add shapely definition to your softer frame. Military styles, epaulettes, puff sleeves and shoulder pads all create a more defined looking silhouette with balanced proportions.

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  12. How to dress to complement your bust

    A few easy fashion tricks will help you dress to complement your bust. It’s all about balancing out your proportions so that you don’t appear top heavy. More often than not women with larger busts tend to hide under baggy and loose fitting clothes. Don’t be afraid of fitted garments. What you need are pieces that define your shape. Necklines that show your décolletage such as empire lines, v-necks and scoops are key. Tailoring gives shape and structure. Avoid high necks and fussy details at the bust.

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Understanding how to dress your body shape is key to dressing your best and feeling fabulous. It's not simply a question of size, age or style for that matter. It's about using fashion to maximise your assets and balance out your proportions. To get started, take a peek at the most inspiring and flattering style of clothes for your specific body shape by getting your free personal Style Guide here.

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