What clothes suit my body shape?

It's time to get to grips with the all-important question: 'what clothes suit my body shape'.

Understanding this is key to dressing your best and feeling fabulous. It's not simply a question of size, age or style for that matter. It's about using fashion to maximise your assets and balance out your proportions. Take five minutes to read through our style team’s advice – and take the fear out of shopping and dressing forever..

What body shape am I?

Once you understand this, you can learn to choose the clothes that balance out your individual proportions and highlight your best assets. Forget about the advice which talk about fruit shapes (pears, apples, etc.) – and think in terms of your own personal proportions. Your base shape is defined by your height, weight, shoulder-bust-hip proportions, and torso to leg ratio. You then add to this parts of your body you prefer to conceal, like a round tummy. Take a fashion leap now and discover your true body shape.

"Think of your body shape in terms of proportions - not fruit"

Clothes for large busts and tummies? It's easy to make the mistake of covering up when worried about a particular body part like your tummy or a large bust.

But, understanding a few simple rules will help you look at different clothing features - like a low or high neckline or a waist detail – and understand how they will help conceal certain parts of your body – while still flattering your base shape.

Get advice. Be inspired. Fashion should be fun. The secret is in understanding the basics of how to put together a wardrobe that is perfect for you. And then use that knowledge to build on.

To get started, take a peek at the most inspiring and flattering style of clothes for your specific body shape by getting your free personal Style Guide here.

Body shape believers.

If you’re not ready to take the plunge and discover your true body shape we have put together some tips, advice and best buys of this season based on the more commonly known shape names: Pear shape tips and advice Hourglass tips and advice Rectangle/Column tips and advice Inverted Triangle tips and advice (also known as Cornet and Goblet).

Discover your true body shape today!