Turning browsers into buyers

97-99% of visitors to fashion retailers’ online stores leave without making a purchase. Dressipi’s personalised outfits are generated in real-time and ensure that customers are given the confidence to make a purchase by showing them how to wear it with new clothes and clothes they already own.

The Benefits

Upselling other items

Displaying a variety of items that go perfectly with the original means a customer sees products they may not have previously noticed. This encourages further browsing behaviour, or even an unexpected purchase.

Elevate your products

Women often want to understand what to wear with an item and how it could work with clothes they already own. Dressipi does just this, transforming what was previously a simple white shirt into a wardrobe essential.

Validating a purchase

Personalised outfits demonstrate how an item can be worn in several different ways. Discovering the versatility and potential of your product helps validate the purchase, giving your customers the confidence to click that all-important “buy” button.

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