Recommendations personal to you

Dressipi’s personalisation solution allows women to discover clothes and accessories from their favourite retailers that fit their shape, and perfectly suit their style and personal preferences. This means true personalisation and a dynamic service that can evolve with both the customer and something as dynamic as fashion.

The Benefits

Proven Results

Dressipi’s retailer partnerships are proven to deliver core KPI benefits including up to 30% increase in net incremental revenue (per customer who shops with a profile), and 5% (percentage point) reduction in returns.

Expert Stylist Advice

Dressipi has some of the industry’s most renowned stylists working alongside a world-leading technology team to ensure your customers see the best possible edit of products tailored to their shape and personal style.

Truly Personalised

Dressipi captures 90% of a woman’s fashion preferences, including context and emotion through their Fashion Fingerprint®, offering unrivalled product, outfit and size recommendations completely personalised to each customer.

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