Key Features

Daily Picks

Daily Picks

Intelligent, context based recommendations wow customers with the right products at the right time, increasing conversions, engagement and loyalty.



A collection of a customer’s purchases in a single place, enabling them to view new items styled with ones they already own.



A single place where customers can save and access wishlist items, liked items, saved outfits and preferences.

Connected Profile

A single profile that customers use to access and save personalised content from across retailers. Enables retailers to benefit from data collected from a customer’s entire fashion life.

Key Benefits

Proven Results

30% of visitors opt to create a personal profile and benefit from enhanced recommendations and advice across all brands and channels, however and wherever they choose to shop.

Customer Centric

Dressipi aims to solve customer’s problems by putting customer needs at the heart in order to deliver a truly personalised experience that delivers great results.

Data Driven

Our unique approach combines data captured on the customer as well as on each individual garment. This information is crucial to providing true personalisation, and can be fed back to retailers to help them optimise key metrics.

Case Study

  • Paul HornbyHead of eCommerce, Shop Direct

    “Customers with a Dressipi profile clicking through from the Style Hub to a product page are 76% more likely to place an order than when the same customer clicks through from other parts of the site. We are very happy with the performance and look forward to future developments.”

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