Dressipi's Mission

Leaders in personalisation such as Netflix and Spotify have raised the bar in terms of relevancy and experience, but what about fashion?

Consumer’s expectations and the relationships they have with brands are changing rapidly, and retailers need to keep up.

With technology developed by one of the most talented teams of technologists, data scientists and stylists, Dressipi’s mission is to build a solution that solves fashion prediction which is one of the most complex categories.

Innovation and adaptability are key. Dressipi’s solution is an ensemble of algorithms that constantly evolve and integrate newly discovered methods along with proprietary algorithms. This future-proofs a retailer’s personalisation roadmap and reflects how fashion and customer requirements evolve over time.

What Sets Dressipi Apart

Predictive Retail

Predictive Retailing is the future of retail and the next step up from 1-2-1 Personalisation.

Open Platform

Dressipi’s platform wraps around your existing infrastructure to improve ROI from all other platforms.


The world’s only cross domain personal styling solution, allowing for the collaboration and connection of data across all participating retailers and all channels wherever that customer is shopping or browsing.

Unique Database

Dressipi has the most extensive database of proprietary garment data and fashion-specific customer data that exists in the world today, powering billions of product and outfit predictions every year.

Fashion Domain Expertise

Dressipi understands that fashion and how customers think of fashion changes with time, inspiration and context. Built to solve fashion prediction, Dressipi’s algorithms take account of fashion-specific information, updated by some of the industry’s most renowned stylists. This represents a key differentiator, resulting in consistently outperforming competitors who take a general approach to personalisation.

Continual Learning

Dressipi has spent 5 years developing ever-evolving fashion specific ML and AI for predicting customer needs and delivering exceptional experiences. Each individual customer has their own model which continually learns and evolves with their lifestyle, fashion requirements, activity, purchase and preference data.

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