Our Mission

Our mission is to help retailers grow and stay relevant by giving their customers the confidence to look and feel great and removing all hassle from the shopping experience.

We believe that personalisation at the individual level underpins superior recommendations. It is the foundation of a truly helpful shopping journey for customers and creates the data and insights that help retailers improve product ranges and solve inefficiencies.

Over 3.5 million women currently use our service to make better shopping and dressing decisions every day.

Why Dressipi

1-to-1 Personalisation

Our machine learning technology continuously evaluates the performance of our recommendations to select the most effective algorithms for each customer at every given time, considering their individual profile, preferences, behaviour and the context in which they are shopping.

Continual Learning

Each individual customer has their own model which continually learns and evolves with their lifestyle, fashion requirements, activity, purchase and preference data – we call this the Fashion Fingerprint®.

Proven Results

In A/B tests Dressipi has consistently proven to deliver 5-8% increase in net incremental revenue per visitor, over and above gains from any competitive solution. Take a look at our Case Studies.

Specific Fashion Domain Knowledge

We understand that fashion and how customers think of fashion changes with time, inspiration and context. Our algorithms take account of fashion specific information, updated by some of the industry’s most renowned stylists. We believe this represents a key differentiator and enables us to outperform competitors when compared with a general approach to personalisation.

Future Proof Your Business

Adaptability is key. There are many exciting advances in both Machine Learning and AI. Our solution marries the best of algorithms and proprietary techniques that we constantly evolve by integrating newly discovered methods. You can integrate our recommendations into any application or solution using our APIs.

Personalisation at Every Point of the Shopping Journey

Our solution works across all channels enabling all customers to get the best advice and guidance wherever and however they choose to shop - online, on mobile or instore.

Meet the Team

With passion, ambition and a commitment to learning our close-knit team support, challenge and inspire each other every day. Our expert technologists, data scientists and fashion stylists work side by side with the common goal of shaping the future of retail.

If you would like to join us on our journey please visit our careers page to see what roles we are currently hiring for.

  • Lord Rose

    Lord Rose


  • Sarah McVittie

    Sarah McVittie


  • Donna North

    Donna North


  • Frederick Cheung

    Frederick Cheung


  • Rob Bevan

    Rob Bevan

    Creative Director

  • Nick Landia

    Nick Landia

    Chief Data Scientist

  • Martyn Jobber

    Martyn Jobber

    Chief Commercial Officer

  • Jonny Aloysius

    Jonny Aloysius

    Head of Finance

  • Natalie Theo

    Natalie Theo

    Style Director

  • Tara Kavanagh-Dowsett

    Tara Kavanagh-Dowsett

    Style Director

  • Selina Mills

    Selina Mills

    Junior Stylist Manager

  • Elisenda Torras

    Elisenda Torras

    Junior Stylist Manager

  • Philippa Mew

    Philippa Mew

    Marketing Manager

  • Georgina Fisher

    Georgina Fisher

    Sales & Marketing Associate

  • JJ. Green

    JJ. Green

    Machine Learning Developer

  • Jiazhen Xie

    Jiazhen Xie

    Software Engineer

  • Jessica Rosati

    Jessica Rosati

    Data Scientist

  • Paul Woestelandt

    Paul Woestelandt

    Software Engineer

  • Hassan Iskaf

    Hassan Iskaf

    Front End Engineer

  • Marija Mandić

    Marija Mandić

    Junior Software Engineer

  • Leo Yeung

    Leo Yeung

    Front End Engineer

  • Joe Margrie-Rouse

    Joe Margrie-Rouse

    Data Engineer