The Fashion Prediction Platform

The Dressipi Engine is the core of the platform and has been built with scale and computational speed at top of mind. As soon as data enters the engine, it begins building models representing customer preferences, behaviour, and future buying patterns. At any given time, the Dressipi Engine can process hundreds of millions of data points for analysis.

The Fashion Prediction Platform

Getting Started

Having worked with leading retailers for a number of years, Dressipi understands that any technology you consider needs to be easy to implement and demonstrate success quickly, which is why the open Fashion Prediction Platform wraps around your existing infrastructure to improve ROI from all platforms.

It couldn’t be simpler, before Dressipi sends you their API’s, all that’s needed from you is:

  • Transaction data
  • Product feed
  • Add some tags to your pages

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Current Platform Integrations

Dressipi integrates seamlessly with many widely used platforms.

Be Predictive and Achieve Great Results

Get in touch to see how Dressipi's data-driven approach can help increase net incremental revenue per visitor, conversion and frequency of purchase.

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