• Customer Relevancy

    Customer Relevancy

    Build deeper relationships with customers, to increase LTV, retention, acquisition and reduce churn and returns:

    • Personalized product discovery
    • Personalized customer experiences
    • Personalized journeys

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  • Retailer Intelligence

    Retailer Intelligence

    Get answers on what’s happening and what to do next, significantly improving ESG credentials:

    • Intelligent assortment optimization
    • Intelligent stock replenishment
    • Intelligent promotions

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Enterprise AI at Scale

Dressipi Platform: Enterprise AI at Scale

Technology that allows processing of millions of data points at speed to deliver smarter predictions and enabling quicker decisions

Enterprise AI at Scale

Quality Product & Brand Data

Address the most fundamental issues retailers experience - inconsistent product & brand data, attribution errors and missing values - with the most comprehensive taxonomy of attributes, built by fashion stylists and scaled by AI.

Quality Product & Brand Data

One Platform. Limitless Integrations.

Integrates effortlessly with the tools and software you already use


“Dressipi is a very strategic part of our platform, not just an add-on or any other supplier. It’s central to how we’re powering recommendations, how we’re powering the sort and rank on the PLP, and how we introduce more inspiration-led categories and content slots. The key is how it keeps all of our experiences relevant & consistent across all parts of the journey.”

Insights & CRM Director


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