Dressipi Webinars

Adapt and Thrive: Unlocking the Value of Data in Retail

This webinar with Stitch Fix & Coniq highlighted the importance of data in fashion retail and showcased how it can be used to address the key challenges of today and the future. Watch the video recording to learn:

  • How to think about and structure data in the context of your business
  • How to deploy data correctly to achieve business outcomes
  • Real-world examples of how data can drive better customer experiences and greater efficiencies in your business

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The Secret to a 5% Uplift in Revenue? Personalized Outfits

This webinar focused on the importance of outfits in fashion retail and how delivering personalized outfits at scale improves revenue, conversion, AOV and retention whilst also inspiring the customer and creating amazing experiences. Watch the video recording to learn:

  • How a fashion-specific approach means personalized outfits can showcase your brand and are in keeping with a retailers Brand DNA

  • Why showing the versatility of a garment in a way that’s right for the customer leads to better results

  • Why accuracy and specificity of garment data is so critical to drive better predictions and better outfit algorithms

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Emails: Maximise Your Most Powerful Asset

This webinar focused on how John Lewis and River Island enhance their customer experience through relevant personalized product recommendations and more importantly make every email work harder to deliver more revenue and profit. Watch the video recording to learn:

  • The difference and benefits of personalization over segmentation

  • Why a fashion-specific approach makes a big difference

  • Where you should be focusing your efforts and resources on for the best chance of engagement and maximum cash

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The Silver Lining of COVID: Lower Return Rates - But Don’t Get Too Comfortable

This webinar discussed the impact COVID has had on return rates within the apparel market and the strategies to put in place to stop returns rising again. Watch the video recording to learn:

  • How to review your own data to have a clear view of what is actually driving return rates

  • How to build correct return segments on a per-customer basis and the appropriate action to tackle this

  • How to build models on a per garment and per-product basis to better predict return rates and influence sell-through rates in real time

  • Where you should be focusing your efforts and resources to tackle returns

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How River Island used personalization to deliver a 6% revenue increase in 12 months

This webinar with Stuart Rose and River Island focused on how the brand used personalization to deliver differentiated customer experiences resulting significant revenue increases. Watch the video recording to learn:

  • How to implement personalization in fashion that delivers real results

  • How to use data better to drive efficiency down the supply chain

  • Why working with a fashion-specific solution is better than working with a generic one

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How to optimize the sale of overstocked products and release maximum cash into your business

This webinar focused exclusively on how better use of data can deliver smarter solutions for shifting overstocked products. Watch the video recording to learn:

  • How to adopt a strategic, staged approach for the optimum clearance strategy

  • How better use of data can deliver smarter solutions for shifting overstock products

  • How this can help deliver more profit and cash to your business

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