Provide a Consistent Source Of Accurate Product Data

Ensure there is quality, fashion-specific data that can be used intelligently throughout the business, increasing revenue and efficiency

Quality Product & Brand Data

Address the most fundamental issues retailers experience - inconsistent product & brand data, attribution errors and missing values - with the most comprehensive taxonomy of attributes, built by fashion stylists and scaled by AI

Quality Product & Brand Data


Increase Conversion

Accurate and consistent attributes deliver search results that visitors actually want to see, making them more likely to convert

Increase Conversion


Boost Product Discovery

Detailed and deeper attributes lead to better product discovery experiences and can work collectively to create personalized outfits

Boost Product Discovery


Reduce Size Fragmentation

Granular attributes can lead to more sophisticated AI-driven product forecasting models accurately predicting the correct size ratio for any product based on demand

Reduce Size Fragmentation

Increase Revenue and Efficiency

Create instant time to value by enabling your team to work on revenue generating tasks rather than tagging

10 %

sell-through rate

3 %pt

contributed margin

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