Apparel-Specific Personalization Drives 6% Revenue Increase in 12 Months at River Island

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  • Success Story
    Personalization Drives 6% Revenue Increase for River Island

    River Island increased their revenue by 6% in 12 months

  • Success Story
    Personalized Outfits Increase Revenue For John Lewis

    John Lewis achieved a significant increase in revenue with outfit recommendations

  • Success Story
    Belstaff increased email revenue by 69% through personalized recommendations

    Personalized Recommendations Increase Email Revenue for Belstaff by 69%

  • Success Story
    LK Bennett Increase First to Second Purchase by 25% through Better Data

    LK Bennett improved first to second purchase rate by 25% through data insight

  • Success Story
    Tailored Shopping Experiences for Each Customer Delivers a 12% Increase in RPV for a Luxury Retailer

    A Luxury Retailer achieved 25% returns reduction and 12% increase in RPV

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