Personalized Outfits Give 1.5% boost to Revenue per Visitor at Seasalt Cornwall

Generic personalization didn’t deliver results

As a leading UK womenswear retailer, Seasalt Cornwall inspires women of all ages and shapes to dress with creativity and confidence. Although stores remain core to Seasalt’s customer experience proposition, their online growth has accelerated and ecommerce sales have increased significantly.

They were looking for a partner to deliver the same level of experience to their loyal customers online as they do in their stores.

In store, an assistant could discuss style preferences, sizing and the current trends with a customer. The generic personalization solutions they’d tried for their ecommerce store didn’t take into account this complexity, and the results fell short of what was needed.

Personalized outfits, unique to every visitor

Working with Dressipi, Seasalt Cornwall had found a partner whose personalization software was designed specifically for fashion - understanding the impact of seasonality, trends, taste, body shapes etc.

Using Dressipi, the Digital Team at Seasalt Cornwall launched personalized similar items and outfits on their Product Description Pages.

Now, every visitor coming to their website is shown personalized outfits and styling recommendations, based on their unique preferences. They’re able to provide inspiration to their customers by showing the versatility of a garment for different occasions, whether that be ‘Casual’ or ‘Creative Work’.

Personalized outfits, unique to every visitor

Uplift of 1.5% Revenue per Visitor

As a result of their strategy, using Dressipi’s fashion-specific personalization software, Seasalt Cornwall saw an uplift of 1.5% Revenue per Visitor. This contributes to their profit improvements laid out in their core strategy.

1.5 %


“Having a technology partner specifically focused on fashion is hugely beneficial to our P&L and has also helped us discover new digital opportunities across the whole customer journey.”

Jana Lindner, Senior Digital Trade Manager, Seasalt Cornwall

Make a Step-Change in Personalization