Help All Visitors Find Their Best Products Faster

Provide intent-driven categories, filters & personalized recommendations for first time visitors as well as repeat customers

The Right Product, in the Right Size, at the Right Time

Updated in real time, the Dressipi platform delivers relevant products & inspiration online, in-store, in-app, email and through new journeys of the future (VR & AR)


Predict Intent

Predict shopper intent in real time and get first time visitors to make one more click & start them on a journey of personalized product discovery

Predict Intent


Increase Conversion

Deploy personalization across PDP’s, category pages, editorial themes and filters to increase conversion across the board

Increase Conversion


Deliver Relevancy

Leverage the power of personalized inspiration and editorial to demonstrate how much you know and understand your loyal customers

Deliver Relevancy

Increase Lifetime Value. Reduce Returns. Greater Customer Loyalty.

Dressipi algorithms are updated in real-time, based on in-session customer behavior and changes in product availability so our clients deliver on their key KPI’s

12 %

more revenue

21 %

more profit

15 %

returns reduction

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As an API-first company, Dressipi integrates effortlessly with the tools and software retailers already use.

Our recommendations can be delivered across the customer journey whether that be online, in-store, in-app, email and through new journeys of the future (VR & AR).

Dressipi’s industry-leading product data ensures that no product is ever completely new. It has a set of product attributes that already has visit and sales propensities to learn from.

This means our clients can start using new products in personalized recommendations from the get-go. This is especially important in fashion retail as sessions can be pretty short so we need to be able to make accurate predictions as early as possible, before the customer bounces.

Dressipi’s platform offers limitless integrations. We work effortlessly with the tools and software you already use.

Dressipi makes it easy to get started & quickly deliver ROI - all we need from you is tracking data and a product feed.

Our easy onboarding is executed by our team of friendly experts, offering quick, genuine results that have a positive impact across your business.

Of course! Our API’s can be delivered wherever the retailer desires.

If you can speak to each customer at the right time, with as relevant a message as possible and a selection of products that really work for that customer then you’ll start to reap the benefits.

At Dressipi, we test our personalized emails against all other BAU and segmented emails and consistently outperform by significant margins, by up to 2-3x (revenue per email sent).

Dressipi Makes it Easy to Get Started & Quickly Deliver ROI

Easy onboarding by our team of friendly experts

Start with one solution, prove ROI, roll out everywhere

Get quick, genuine results that have a positive impact