Tailored Shopping Experiences for Each Customer Delivers a 12% Increase in RPV for a Luxury Retailer

Different customer demographics would make recommendations complex

Fashion behaves completely differently to other industries and, beyond that, customer expectations of the luxury market are different to that of the high street.

In addition, with a broad customer base across the United Arab Emirates and Europe, providing recommendations was going to be particularly complex with the inclusion of both modest and non-modest dressers. Recommendations had to be suitable depending on the need of each customer.

The luxury brand was looking for a partner within the fashion domain with which they could deliver the best possible shopping and dressing experience that went beyond the basics to enable a more predictive offering both in terms of the products and outfits a customer sees.

Ensuring ongoing benefits

One of the benefits of working with Dressipi is the ease of getting the recommendations up and running and the high level of support dedicated throughout. This ensures clients get to see the benefits of the solution on an ongoing basis.

Ensuring ongoing benefitsEnsuring ongoing benefits

12% uplift in revenue per visitor

When testing entry-level fashion-specific recommendations, the improvements were beyond all expectations. Dressipi outperformed the brand’s incumbent recommendation provider in all core metrics:

“We didn’t want to offer the status quo of basic recommendations. We wanted to go beyond that and truly predict what our customers were looking for at an individual level. We wanted a partner that went the extra mile, truly understood the fashion domain and would work with us to innovate and create unique experiences that were in line with our brand DNA. Dressipi delivers on all of this and allows us to offer our customers a truly personalized experience, which is a key part of our strategy.”

Director of Ecommerce

12 %

Rev per visitor increase

2 %

AOV increase

11 %

Conversion increase

25 %

returns reduction

Make a Step-Change in Personalization