Create Customer-Centered, Fashion Experiences

Inspire with outfits & stories relevant to each visitor, showing them the value of every product & how to wear your brand their way

A Truly Unique & Personalized Experience

As part of the Dressipi platform, we continually build an understanding of your visitors and how they interact with your products at every step of their journey to make sure their experiences get better and better


Inspire Your Visitors

Show outfits displayed by occasion, inspiring the visitor and showing the versatility of the garment

Inspire Your Visitors


Increase 1st to 2nd Purchases

Send relevant products at the right time to move each existing customer up the purchase ladder. This is the biggest opportunity for revenue growth for retailers.

Increase 1st to 2nd Purchases


Increase Customer LTV

Understand exactly who your customers are, create style profiles based on their activity, preferences and items they already own

Increase Customer LTV

Personalized Outfits Always Outperform.

We help our clients deliver on their key KPI’s and work closely alongside them to ensure their Brand DNA is understood and captured in our algorithms

12 %

more revenue

10 %

more profit

5 %


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As an API-first company, Dressipi integrates effortlessly with the tools and software retailers already use.

Our recommendations can be delivered across the customer journey whether that be online, in-store, in-app, email and through new journeys of the future (VR & AR).

Dressipi’s industry-leading product data ensures that no product is ever completely new. It has a set of product attributes that already has visit and sales propensities to learn from.

This means our clients can start using new products in personalized recommendations from the get-go. This is especially important in fashion retail as sessions can be pretty short so we need to be able to make accurate predictions as early as possible, before the customer bounces.

Dressipi’s platform offers limitless integrations. We work effortlessly with the tools and software you already use.

Dressipi makes it easy to get started & quickly deliver ROI - all we need from you is tracking data and a product feed.

Our easy onboarding is executed by our team of friendly experts, offering quick, genuine results that have a positive impact across your business.

Of course! Our API’s can be delivered wherever the retailer desires.

If you can speak to each customer at the right time, with as relevant a message as possible and a selection of products that really work for that customer then you’ll start to reap the benefits.

At Dressipi, we test our personalized emails against all other BAU and segmented emails and consistently outperform by significant margins, by up to 2-3x (revenue per email sent).

Dressipi Makes it Easy to Get Started & Quickly Deliver ROI

Easy onboarding by our team of friendly experts

Start with one solution, prove ROI, roll out everywhere

Get quick, genuine results that have a positive impact