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Consumer Study 2023: The State of Personalization

Dressipi conducted a consumer study of the state of personalization for online fashion retailers in January 2023. The key goals of this study were:

  • To understand whether consumers interact with personalization technologies and where their frustrations lie
  • To identify which areas retailers should be focusing their efforts for the best chance of engagement and maximum profit
  • To evaluate the impact that inflation will have on online shopping and how to mitigate its effect

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The Importance of Personalized Outfits

Why personalized outfits enhance customer experiences, deliver huge productivity gains and are financially compelling

This guide focuses on the importance of outfits in fashion retail and how delivering personalized outfits at scale improves the experience for both the retailer and customer.

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Understanding Your Unique Return Rate Profile

Learn how to leverage the data you hold to reduce return rates and improve operating margin

This paper discusses the importance of understanding the key drivers behind returns, and how to use the data you hold to tackle the issue.

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Apparel-Specific Product Attributes

Why quality and accurate garment data is the foundation for digital transformation

This guide outlines the key characteristics that retailers need to take into account when advancing this key area of their business and dives deeper into the benefits of great product data.

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Your Sort Order is Your Secret to Success

Why redefining the discovery process is fundamental to significantly grow revenues and margins

This paper outlines the steps fashion retailers should take to increase the chances of customers finding products they want to buy and keep to improve conversion rates throughout the funnel.

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Delivering Unique In-Store Experiences

Transform your store into your biggest asset - not your biggest liability

This guide outlines how online and offline channels should work together to create the best service for the customer. Retailers should be offering an individual level of in-store hyper-personalization if they are to stay relevant.

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