Outfit Recommendations Deliver Significant Revenue Increase for John Lewis

The online shopping journey created friction for customers

John Lewis & Partners is a leading high-end, department store with a large online presence and a number of retail stores operating across Great Britain. Fashion has always been a core area of focus for them.

John Lewis wanted to remove the friction from their online shopping journeys and create truly tailored one to one experiences for their frequent and loyal customers. They understood that styling and outfitting was really important when selling fashion and were looking for a solution that could deliver personalized outfits at scale, across womenswear, menswear and kidswear.

Dressipi was the only vendor who could deliver this.

100 million personalized outfits per night

Working with Dressipi, John Lewis looked at how they could further optimize customers’ existing core journeys and help them make the right purchase decisions by offering personalized outfits.

Dressipi’s focus on fashion and attribute tagging allows John Lewis to display multiple outfits per garment and by occasion whether that be ‘Casual’, ‘Creative Work’ or ‘Evening’, showing the versatility of the garment and inspiring the customer. Completely personalized to each and every customer, Dressipi creates up to 100 million outfits per night. No other vendor can do this.

When styling a John Lewis customer, the fact they are a multi brand retailer with a diverse customer group had to be taken into account. Younger customers may favour brands such as Mango and will have different ideas on what a good evening look consists of compared to an older customer leaning towards Hush and L.K.Bennett as their preferred brands. This meant brand adjacency and sensitivities about how brands are shown together as well as inspirational brand discovery are important elements that have to be built into Dressipi recommendations.

As a brand that spans across womenswear, menswear and kidswear, another key consideration were the differences between the sectors. For example, with kidswear you need to be less worried in terms of outfitting but you need to show the versatility of the garment so the customer knows they are getting the value for money. It is especially hard because kids grow up very fast so knowing it is more about the age of the child rather than the shape. With men, they are much more consistent when they buy clothes, outfits for them are about discoverability. Dressipi’s algorithms were able to cater to these hurdles.

Another part of the John Lewis and Dressipi journey was the creation of a customer profile. Dressipi can provide personalization for everyone but John Lewis chose to go a step further and to allow their customers to create a profile to get an even richer customer experience. It allows their customers to have their own personal style page with a place to view their outfits and recommendations.

100 million personalized outfits per night

Significant uplift in revenue with outfit recommendations

John Lewis saw an uplift in revenue per email sent when responding with personalized strategies overall. This was particularly notable with the most recent test on the outfit recommendations seeing a significant increase in revenue.

“Working with Dressipi has really helped us look at different ways in how we can support our customers on the site and the different tactics that we can deploy to meet their needs. We are aspiring towards having the ability to influence customers and help facilitate their shopping journey from the point they arrive on the website all the way through to post checkout and then even beyond that with a follow up email as well. We are also looking at having a better understanding of the data we have on customers and how we can help tie that back into a more personalized journey.”

Rob Hitchman, Digital Product Owner

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