Personalized Merchandising Increases Revenue by 20% at LK Bennett

“Too much time, money and resource being spent on our previous provider” - Digital & Marketing Director

British affordable luxury brand, LK Bennett had been using their previous merchandising tool for about 6 years. It was a powerful tool but they weren’t getting the full potential out of it as they needed to continuously spend a lot of time, money and resource to keep the technology up to date.

Along with keeping on brand, LK Bennett wanted to ensure they were showing their customers their best products at the right time.

GrapheneAI powered by Dressipi is the tool that can deliver both.

Combining the gold standard search and merchandising with the gold standard real-time personalization technology

Traditionally there has been tension between merchandisers and personalization because personalization takes away control. The quick fix for apparel retailers is to focus on either one or the other but they are both business critical.

Merging the two creates powerful merchandising blends where every customer sees their best products and merchandisers maintain complete control over their brand strategies.

LK Bennett now has a level of automation that means they can step away from the categories that they don’t have time to get into the nitty gritty with. Whilst categories that they want to be super visual and curated (such as ‘New In’) can be controlled or personalized easily.

The biggest impact was being able to include a customer’s personalized view in the merchandising blend.

The future of online apparel retail relies on this integration of merchandising and personalization to deliver customer loyalty and profit increases.

Combining the gold standard search and merchandising with the gold standard real-time personalization technology

Uplift of 20% Revenue Growth

As a result of their strategy, LK Bennett have seen an increase in conversion and a 20% revenue growth.

A key focus was also to reduce returns. Through GrapheneAI’s hyper-personalized real-time product & outfit recommendations, LK Bennett was able to help the customer find the right product, first time and reduce the number of avoidable returns.

+20 %


“We now have a tool that is still extremely powerful, but is much lighter weight for the team to use in terms of the amount of time they need to invest, which is absolutely one of our key objectives. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the combination of merchandising and personalization, it really does give the best of both worlds where both the retailer and the customer are happy.”

Zoe Donovan, Digital & Marketing Director

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