How Belstaff’s Emails Saw Revenue Increase 69% Through Dressipi’s Personalised Recommendations

The Challenge

From its historic inception in 1924, Belstaff has become one of the UK’s leading names in luxury apparel and footwear, with an iconic identity tied to classic British motorsports. Their timeless elegance is driven, behind the scenes, by innovation and forward thinking, which has secured their place in luxury fashion retail.

With ecommerce driving an increasingly significant proportion of sales, Belstaff wanted to expand their customer-centric approach across all shopping channels.

Dressipi could help deliver this.

The Solution

After launching personalised product and outfit recommendations on both the homepage and PDP, Belstaff had seen how Dressipi’s recommendation API’s could help them to implement a truly exceptional shopping experience. The next step was for Belstaff to start testing Dressipi’s personalised emails.

The luxury apparel retailer recognised the value in moving away from outdated and often counterproductive ‘batch and blast’. So, by simply injecting Dressipi’s API’s into their existing ESP, they created truly personalised emails that engage and inspire their customers.

Dressipi and Belstaff worked closely together to ensure that the iconic Belstaff brand DNA was understood and captured in Dressipi’s algorithms. Brand DNA is especially essential for luxury retailers so it was important that the recommendations in the emails integrate seamlessly with Belstaff’s look and feel.

The Solution

The Results

Belstaff ran a 4 week test to prove the incremental value from utilising the Dressipi tool in emails with 50% of customers seeing Dressipi recommended products and the other 50% non-personalised.

The potential value gain was evident. Across all KPIs, the emails that featured Dressipi recommendations outperformed those that did not. Click-To-Open Rate was up by 14%, Revenue was up 69%, Conversion was 32% higher and Total Orders were 63% higher than the non-personalised emails.

“We are thrilled to be working with Dressipi. Now we can offer the shopping experiences that customers are demanding whilst maintaining the integrity of our brand identity.”

Samantha Davis, Head of Ecommerce, Belstaff


14 %

click-to-open rate

69 %


32 %


63 %

total orders

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