Workshop: Stop Your Rising Return Rates

This webinar discusses the impact of external factors on return rates within the apparel market and the strategies to put in place to stop them rising.

Workshop: Stop Your Rising Return Rates

Lower return rates were a silver lining of COVID19 but they’re rising again. It is essential for retailers to be able to anticipate these changing behaviors and respond accordingly to ensure cost levels are kept to a minimum.

This webinar will give you the opportunity to challenge the status quo and think differently about returns within your business. We’ll give you the know-how on using your internal data correctly to gain insight into the key drivers behind return rates and show you how to build profitable customers with profitable returns.

You will learn

  • How to review your own data to have a clear view of what is actually driving return rates
  • How to build correct return segments on a per-customer basis and the appropriate action to tackle this
  • How to build models on a per garment and per-product basis to better predict return rates and influence sell-through rates in real time
  • Where you should be focusing your efforts and resources to tackle returns