Webinar: How to optimize the sale of overstocked products and release maximum cash into your business

This webinar focuses exclusively on how better use of data can deliver smarter solutions for shifting overstocked products.

Fashion retailers continuously face overstocked challenges. They buy products in advance with 30% typically overstock in any season.

As a result of high overstocked ratios, retailers face serious cash constraints. They spend their working capital on unsold stock for their current season and cannot afford to restock for the next season. Furthermore, they do not have the storage capacity to take on additional stock.

In response to high overstock ratios, fashion retailers turn to ‘blunt instruments’ such as deep discounting to shift the stock - but they are weary of this for fear of cheapening their brands.

This webinar offers a scalable and scientific way to be able to offer the right products and discounting levels to customers based on their preferences, thereby minimizing the risk of stock fragmentation and increasing sell-through rate.

You will learn

  • How to adopt a strategic, staged approach for the optimum clearance strategy
  • How better use of data can deliver smarter solutions for shifting overstock products
  • How this can help deliver more profit and cash to your business