Webinar: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Personalized Emails

This webinar focuses on how John Lewis and River Island enhance their customer experience through relevant personalized product recommendations and more importantly make every email work harder to deliver more revenue and profit.

Webinar: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Personalized Emails

70% of a retailer’s revenue typically comes from their top 20-30% customers. Given how much retailers know about these customers, it’s crazy that they typically all get the same message. Blanket emails die in the noise, making retailers lose customers and revenues suffer. With customers demanding more and more everyday, even segmentation is not good enough if you want your brand to stay ahead.

Truly personalized emails can be your secret weapon particularly with the need to maximize digital capabilities due to COVID. What’s more, retention marketing is more cost effective for retailers than acquisition marketing so in a time when cash is tight, getting your customers to come back and buy again is a quick, easy win.

Done well, personalized emails should be delivering an additional 6-10% of incremental revenue to your brand by enhancing the customer experience.

You will learn

  • The difference and benefits of personalization over segmentation
  • Why a fashion-specific approach makes a big difference
  • Where you should be focusing your efforts and resources on for the best chance of engagement and maximum cash