Webinar: How River Island Used Personalization to Deliver a 6% Revenue Increase

This webinar with River Island focuses on how the brand used personalization to deliver differentiated customer experiences resulting in significant revenue increases.

Webinar: How River Island Used Personalization to Deliver a 6% Revenue

Online shopping in the fashion industry is stuck in the 1990’s with personalization efforts only scratching the surface. It’s not optimized for loyalty and profit and it’s not enough to survive the next industry disruptor.

Customers do not want a flat journey that shows the same products in the same order. They want an inspirational, personalized journey that is completely relevant to them. Netflix and Spotify have driven these personalization expectations and retailers need to take learnings from these companies that have redefined the discovery process.

Personalizing to the individual is a must and can help shift to a better, more profitable way of doing things - there is an opportunity cost of £2.6bn* if the UK fashion industry sticks with segmented strategies.

River Island will be discussing the value personalization has brought to them in both revenue uplifts and customer experiences.

You will learn

  • How to implement personalization in fashion that delivers real results
  • How to use data better to drive efficiency down the supply chain
  • Why working with a fashion-specific solution is better than working with a generic one