Optimize Future Product Assortments & Size Ratios

Ensure you have the right products to meet demand, significantly reducing overstock & discounting whilst hugely improving your ESG credentials

Trade as Effectively as Possible

The Dressipi platform will move you from traditional spreadsheet limitations to real-time, deeper insights about customers, transactions, returns and operations, without any coding or IT intervention.


Reduce Size Fragmentation

Equip your buyers and merchandisers with the sales velocity and optimal size ratios for every product at SKU level to help inform replenishment & future buying decisions.

Reduce Size Fragmentation


Reduce Discounting

Get rid of blanket sales and maximise sell-through to protect margins. Identify the optimum time to markdown a product, the recommended percentage to use and a distribution method that matches the right products to the right customers.

Reduce Discounting


Reduce Returns

Get more accurate and targeted insights that break down returns data, analyzing the causes at both category and product level, along with practical ways to reduce them.

Reduce Returns

Increase Sell-Through. Reduce Discounting. Drive Profitability.

We help out clients easily visualize data and spot quick wins to ensure they are always trading as effectively as possible and delivering on their key KPI’s.

5 %

gross margin impact

2 %

contributed profit

3 %

returns reduction

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