Your Sort Order is Your Secret Weapon to Success

Why redefining the discovery process is fundamental to significantly grow revenues and margins.

This paper outlines the steps fashion retailers should take to increase the chances of customers finding products they want to buy and keep to improve conversion rates throughout the funnel.

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Understanding Your Unique Return Rate Profile

Learn how to leverage the data you hold to reduce return rates and improve operating margin.

In this paper Sarah McVittie, Co-Founder of Dressipi, discusses the importance of understanding the key drivers behind returns, and how to use the data you hold to tackle the issue.

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How Dressipi Can Help Retailers Transform Their Biggest Asset

What if stores can be transformed into a retailer’s biggest asset not their biggest liability?

In this short paper Donna North, co-founder of Dressipi, argues that contrary to popular opinion, it’s the bricks and mortar retailers who have the advantage over pure play ecommerce merchants.

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Five Things Every Retailer Should Know About Personalisation

Learn how to get started, navigate the numerous solutions on offer, and build genuinely trusted connections with customers.

In this paper Donna North, co-founder of Dressipi shares five key thoughts on how to leverage personalisation to deliver value for both your business and its customers.

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Return Rate Data Analysis Package

Using Your Data Effectively to Uncover the Real Reasons for Returns

Every retailer has a different return rate profile. Dressipi’s Return Rate Data Analysis enables retailers to:

  • Benchmark their performance versus other retailers
  • Review primary factors driving returns and what’s increasing
  • Gain a detailed view of each customer’s profitability and identify serial returners
  • Carry out in-depth analysis of products and product features

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