Monthly Retail Round-Up - September 2019

Some of the best articles from the world of retail and its supporting industries.

Monthly Retail Round-Up - September 2019

Dressipi, the fashion-AI experts, brings you a round-up of the top retail news this September to keep you up to date.

1) A Partnership for VIP’s Only

Reported in Bazaar, “Apple and Burberry collaborate on a new messaging system for VIP clients”, which is “designed to connect the associates to the customers in a new and intimate way” (Forbes). David Phelan explained, “It’s an invite-only feature, likely to go to high-value customers, and it means associates can send bespoke item recommendations to the individual customers.”

Through R Message, VIP customers will be able to:

  • Have direct conversations with store assistants about products
  • Be able to book in-store appointments
  • Purchase pieces they like directly through the app using Apple Pay

The staff will have access to:

  • Information such as birthdays and shopping habits to make this experience as tailored as possible
  • A back-end inventory to find similar products

Vogue Business reported, “Fashion is prioritising apps that allow store associates to quickly access client and product information as well-informed customers expect increasingly more from brands.”

2) Re-use Over Recycle

Zalando has announced that they are going to test reusable delivery packaging over the next month.

Back in May, the German etailer introduced boxes made from 100% recycled paper and mailing bags made from 80% post-consumer recycled material. This sustainable solution goes a step further by repeatedly using the same bags.

Reported in Drapers, “a total of 10,000 customers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway will receive their Zalando orders in re-usable shipping bags. Customers must then return the bag, from Finnish startup RePack, to the etailer for it to be used again.”

Sustainability has been a huge topic recently and Zalando is stepping up to the new concept of sustainable delivery, reporting “Two environmental problems are being tackled at the same time”:

  • Waste - Unlike disposable packaging, reuse keeps materials out of the waste stream and extends the life cycle of the original raw material.
  • Carbon dioxide emissions - By eliminating waste and reducing the production of packaging, carbon dioxide emissions are potentially reduced by up to 80%.

3) Could Facebook Be Your New Personal Stylist?

Social Media Platform, Facebook, recently announced their plans that they are “experimenting on a new artificial intelligence technology that may soon be able to help people who want to become more fashionable” (Tech Times).

So how does it work? Reported in Tech Times, Fashion++ AI *“uses deep image-generation neural network to suggest how people can improve their outfit by swapping, removing or adding garments, and by offering suggestions such as rolling up sleeves or tucking in a shirt.” *

Once again, a company championing sustainability, the app suggests wearing clothes you already own and helps you make them more on-trend rather than buying new ones. Facebook explained, “Fashion++ focuses specifically on minimal edits, suggesting adjustments that are more realistic and practical than buying an entirely new outfit.”

Read the full paper here.

4) Pentland Brands Dives Into AR

Pentland Brands highlighted this month that they are “bringing digital innovation and augmented reality (AR) into the sportswear sector with the trial of the new Speedo Mirror app.”

The app uses the latest 3D face scanning technology to recommend the best fitting product in real-time and provides an instant preview of the product on the customer’s face. It promises to help the customer find the best fitting goggles for their face shape and size. This technology could even be applied to footwear, apparel and accessories in the future. Pentland Brands outlined that this “is a ground-breaking digital shopping experience,” and “emulates the in-store experience wherever the consumer is.”

Ben Hardman, Head of Innovation, Pentland Brands, said, “This technology will undoubtedly enhance our customers’ shopping experiences by allowing them to interact with the product before they make a purchase. In this instance, it helps them address a well-documented human pain point: leaky goggles” (reported by Pentland Brands).

We hope you enjoyed the round-up. Please feel free to get in touch with any stories you feel would be of interest.

Banner Photo by Shanna Camilleri on Pexels