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Portable & Connected (PAC)

PAC is an ambitious project that creates a new personalisation experience instore and centralises a customer’s data from across channels and retailers in a single place.

We are working with three of our retail partners to make the shopping experience better by offering advice and recommendations aligned with how the customer wants to shop.

This improves revenues for retailers by a considerable advancement in the quality of predictions of what a shopper is most likely to buy and keep.

Predictive Retailing

Predictive Retailing

For the first time ever, Dressipi is allowing retailers to connect actual customer & visitor profile data with actual garment data (at the feature level).

This will take us from a world of reactive and gut-based retailing to a more informed, data-driven world of predictive retailing. This does not distract from creativity and new trends but allows each retailer to better predict how they should respond to key trends, key pieces and how they benchmark against their peers.

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