How do Recommendations work?

Your Recommendations are your own personal edit of the season’s best pieces perfectly tailored to you. Every day Dressipi searches all of the brands and retailers online to find the clothes and accessories that match your Fashion Fingerprint®. You can view your Recommendations - updated daily - at any time on the Dressipi site. We also send you your top 3 picks from our style team in a weekly ‘Perfect for You’ email.

Every recommendation gives you the option to give feedback either by ‘Liking’ or ‘Disliking’, selecting to tell us 'Why' or by adding to a ‘List’. The more you interact with your Recommendations, the more we learn and the smarter your Recommendations will get.

Recommendations on site

This is the most comprehensive collection of your Recommendations. Updated daily – it also gives you the opportunity to search and filter by a variety of options including budget, newness, trends, occasions and much more. Set up your recommendations.

Weekly emails

Each week we send a themed personal style email, picking out your top three products. It is seasonal and topical and is perfect if you don’t have time to browse your Recommendations online.


Lists help you organise your shopping and dressing. You can create and name your own lists – or use the Dressipi standard ones. It’s easy to add products to your lists – simply click on the List icon displayed and select the best option. We use clothes in your lists to help us improve your Recommendations. To remove items from lists - click on the List icon and untick.


Our search is one of the most powerful and intuitive fashion search engines. We label every product with up to 60 different labels including every feature of the garment, the occasions it is suitable for, trend details, material composition, textures and much more. This means that you can type in any description or search term and find what you are looking for. You can limit your search to your Recommendations only – or search all garments on the Dressipi site, including previous seasons.

Saved Searches

Saved Searches is for when you are looking for a specific item but you are not ready to buy. Simply enter what you are searching for in the search box (i.e. red evening dress, boucle biker jacket) and when the search results display, click save at the top of the page. Every time a new garment is added to Dressipi which matches your search terms, it is added to your Saved Search. You find your Saved Searches on your personal fashion homepage.