Reactive to Predictive Retailing

Dressipi’s Fashion Prediction Platform is based on the biggest and most accurate customer and garment dataset in the industry, powering billions of product and outfit predictions every year.

With the wealth of data provided from using Dressipi’s platform, retailers can begin to move from reactive to predictive retailing. This contributes to:

  • A more accurate model for future buying
  • Honing expert gut instincts
  • Additional insight into existing merchandising tools to deliver higher sell-through rates and lower markdowns

This does not distract from creativity and new trends but allows each retailer to better predict how they should respond to key trends, key pieces and how they benchmark against their peers.

Why Personalisation Is Hard To Achieve

Key Features

Customer Data

Customer Data

Dressipi has a proven methodology for capturing high volumes of fashion-specific customer data, giving retailers a deeper understanding of core customers and customer segments across all product sales and returns.

The unique database of over 5 million connected fashion customers means retailers can see accurate data on attitudes to trends, preferences, lifestyle and where else the customer shops for key wardrobe items along with how their profile attributes shift over time.

Garment Data

Garment Data

Dressipi’s proprietary garment enrichment data created by real stylists is a world first. Each garment receives up to 35 data points which are checked and validated by an in-house stylist team.

This industry unique way of labelling and cataloguing product streams gives the retailer a useful, data-driven view of all products attributes. It enables the platform to match the right size and fit of each garment to each customer as well as to create automated outfit suggestions in real-time that are personal to every customer.

Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

By feeding the garment, customer, purchase and behaviour data back to the retailer, data-driven decision making can form the foundation of your business driving more efficiencies in buying and merchandising, better customer experiences and less wastage.

Key Benefits

Know your Customer

Truly understand your customer and their shopping and dressing preferences. Receive perfect visibility of the features and styles they love or won’t wear, how confident they are when it comes to dressing or shopping, what they want to add to their wardrobe or the events and occasions they buy for.

Be Smarter

Drill down to understand which customers or features are causing high sales growth or increasing returns. Use this insight to create products your customers will love in the right quantities.

Optimise Key Metrics

Minimise returns by predicting the likely return rate of each product within just a few days of trading, then avoid re-purchasing items with a high propensity for returning. Ensure your merchandising buys exceed expectations by using Dressipi’s garment and feature checker to optimise forecasting at a SKU, size and individual location level.

Case Studies

  • Gemma ScarfeHead of eCommerce, River Island

    "Dressipi have taken the time to understand how our business works and the best way for River Island to deliver profitable growth.”

  • Lauren TerryDirector of Ecommerce, The Modist

    “We are extremely happy with the results. Dressipi has consistently outperformed our incumbent provider on all key metrics."

  • Beverley ImrieDigital Director, Wallis

    “Having personalisation technology within your business is a must in today’s retail environment. Dressipi have helped us achieve that.”

Be Predictive and Achieve Great Results

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