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With technology developed by one of the most talented teams of technologists, data scientists and stylists, Dressipi has built one of the most advanced personalised solutions available for fashion retail today.

Dressipi uses the latest advances in Machine Learning and AI alongside the largest set of product fit and style data available in the world.

Innovation and adaptability are key. Our solution is an ensemble of algorithms that we constantly evolve by integrating newly discovered methods along with our proprietary algorithms. This future-proofs a retailer’s personalisation roadmap and reflects how fashion and customer requirements evolve over time.

Key Features

The Dressipi Engine

The Dressipi Engine is the core of the platform. It has been built with scale and computational speed at top of mind. As soon as data enters the engine, it begins building models representing customer preferences, behaviour, and future buying patterns.

At any given time, the Dressipi Engine can process hundreds of millions of data points for analysis. The more data, the better the signal we receive.

Our machine learning technology continuously evaluates the performance of our recommendations to select the most effective algorithms for every customer at every given time. And, while other providers rely on telling customers “people like you also like this”, Dressipi presents more helpful and fashion specific advice such as “This fit & flare style is a must have dress for you and will work well worn with your biker jacket”.


In addition to our base solutions the Dressipi platform has a flexible API to feed data and recommendations into existing platforms and solutions, giving retailers complete flexibility and differentiation over how they present a fully personalised customer experience. Built to accept any data sources and integration with future applications such as AR and VR.

Dressipi's Personalisation Engine

Key Benefits

Proven Results

30% of visitors opt to create a personal profile and benefit from enhanced recommendations and advice across all brands and channels, however and wherever they choose to shop.

Customer Centric

Dressipi aims to solve customer’s problems by putting customer needs at the heart in order to deliver a truly personalised experience that delivers great results.

Data Driven

Our unique approach combines data captured on the customer as well as on each individual garment. This information is crucial to providing true personalisation, and can be fed back to retailers to help them optimise key metrics.

Case Studies

  • Beverley ImrieDigital Director, Wallis

    “Having personalisation technology within your business is a must in today’s retail environment. Dressipi have helped us achieve that.”

  • Ralph TuckerChief Product and Supply Officer, N Brown

    “One of the most successful parts of our partnership with Dressipi is the personalised weekly Style Adviser emails. They consistently outperform our own BAU emails by 3x.”

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