How Dressipi Improves Customer Experience

Key Features

Predicting Relevant Products

Predicting Relevant Products

Unlike other personalisation providers, every product recommended is mapped to each customer as if curated by their own personal stylist. Dressipi does this by analysing a customer’s profile, behavioural activity, wardrobe context, trend sentiment and intent in real time.

Outfit Creation

Outfit Creation

74% of women want outfit inspiration on how to wear/dress up and dress down a garment they are thinking of buying.

Dressipi’s Fashion Prediction Platform has created over 5 trillion outfits for our retail clients, showing their customers how to style items for different occasions with new products or ones they already own.



Avoid the disappointment of customers finally finding a garment they love only to discover that their size isn’t available. Dressipi recommends products that will fit perfectly, giving extra reassurance to add an item to basket and reduce the likelihood of making a return.

Relevant Listing & Category Pages

Relevant Listing & Category Pages

Customers shouldn’t all see the exact same listing and category pages. Eliminate the hassle of lengthy scrolling and hours of searching for the perfect item by showing a personalised listing for each customer so they can quickly and easily see the products most relevant to them.

Personalised Marketing

Personalised Marketing

Imagine how much more effective your marketing would be if you could send curated material that is different for each and every person depending on their preferences and shopping behaviour?

Personalised emails and notifications lead to higher open rates, click-through rates and purchases than campaigns based purely on segmentation. Dressipi works with any ESP and can help deliver theme or trigger based marketing activity.

Key Benefits

Proven Results

Unbeatable revenue and margin growth. Dressipi increases net incremental revenue per visitor by a minimum of 8% whilst also increasing conversion and frequency of purchase by up to 30%.

Radically Improved Customer Experience

Dressipi aims to give each customer the best possible experience by putting their needs at the heart of the solution to deliver a truly personalised experience that delivers unbeatable results.

Fashion Specific

Dressipi outperforms the market due to fashion-specific algorithms and AI that truly understands and adapts to customer behaviour as well as the dynamic, fast-paced world of retail.

Case Studies

  • Gemma ScarfeHead of eCommerce, River Island

    "Dressipi have taken the time to understand how our business works and the best way for River Island to deliver profitable growth.”

  • Lauren TerryDirector of Ecommerce, The Modist

    “We are extremely happy with the results. Dressipi has consistently outperformed our incumbent provider on all key metrics."

  • Beverley ImrieDigital Director, Wallis

    “Having personalisation technology within your business is a must in today’s retail environment. Dressipi have helped us achieve that.”

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