Fashioning Your Own Digital Wardrobe

Collaborating For Growth

Any single retailer only has a 5% view of their customer’s wardrobe, making it much harder to deliver products and experiences that are relevant to them.

The Challenge

Prediction of customer buying patterns requires a greater understanding of each customer’s total shopping and dressing behaviours than the small slice typically collected by a single retailer.

Furthermore, in-depth data links between a products’ attributes and each customer’s preferences and needs are also required. It’s only when these data sets are in place, that the power of machine learning and AI can get to work on identifying impactful predictions and insights.

The Solution

Dressipi’s Universal Network is a comprehensive profile of every customer’s preferences, activities and purchases across brands, combined with fashion-specific algorithms and product data to inform each retailer, in real time, what every customer is most likely to buy and not return.

This unique aggregation of data delivers a significantly better experience for the customer whilst extending the value for retailers further by driving better predictions and even better results.

Key Features

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

Give customers highly personalised, friction-free experiences that improve every interaction they have.

  • Connectable customer profile: create once, use everywhere
  • Customer set shopping requests (e.g. I’m looking for...)
  • Unique wardrobe functionality for customers to view new items with owned items
  • Suite of product APIs for personalising listing pages, product pages, emails, notifications, editorial etc.
  • Suite of outfit APIs for personalising Style It With, Scan for Outfits instore
  • Easy integration with CRMs, ESPs, clienteling
Data & Insights

Data & Insights

Gain competitive advantage:

  • Invaluable customer and product data insights and benchmarking
  • Make clearer and more informed decisions on demand to supply matching, merchandising and customer acquisition

Key Benefits

Reduce returns by 16%

Increase in net incremental revenue per visitor by a minimum of 10%

Increase conversion and frequency of purchase by up to 33%

Increase AOV by 6%

Case Studies

  • Gemma ScarfeHead of eCommerce, River Island

    "Dressipi have taken the time to understand how our business works and the best way for River Island to deliver profitable growth.”

  • Lauren TerryDirector of Ecommerce, The Modist

    “We are extremely happy with the results. Dressipi has consistently outperformed our incumbent provider on all key metrics."

  • Beverley ImrieDigital Director, Wallis

    “Having personalisation technology within your business is a must in today’s retail environment. Dressipi have helped us achieve that.”

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