Personalized Emails Are Key In A Post-Covid World

Personalized Emails Are Key In A Post-Covid World

As we find ourselves navigating a transformed retail landscape, retailers have been forced to pay microscopic attention to their online capabilities and digital acceleration.

COVID-19, lockdown restrictions, store closures and new social distancing measures in-store have resulted in a much bigger sector of consumers who are more comfortable shopping online than they were before, borne out of necessity and convenience rather than preference. Add in a store experience reduced to a ‘can’t-try-before-you-buy’ policy and you get retailers needing to adapt quickly and work out how best to leverage their digital offering to drive the relevancy customers now expect when shopping online.

Emails - Not a ‘one size fits all’ approach

One of the most lucrative parts of Dressipi’s Revenue Optimization Platform and a way retailers are driving the high level of relevancy customers crave from their favourite brands is to send personalized products and outfits via email to every customer.

Emails should not take a ‘one size fits all’ approach. A personalized, curated edit of a trend, sale, new-season offering, or specific occasion is far more compelling than the usual ‘same dress for everyone’ email.

This approach is different to and stronger than the “personalized” segmented emails provided by some Email Service Providers. With Dressipi’s detailed data sets on both garments and customers, retailers can send emails with curated edits of their product offering that are different for every customer:

  • Taking seasonality into account
  • In line with a brand’s look-and-feel
  • Accommodating new product drops, trends or a sudden change in the weather
  • Only showing products available in a customer’s size to save disappointment.

And not only is it more compelling for customers but it drives much better results, including double-digit uplifts in revenue per email sent vs other segmented emails.

Supporting retailers’ email strategy during lockdown

During the COVID-19 crisis, our clients needed Dressipi’s support in reacting to a fast-changing environment. Part of this was quickly adapting the personalized email strategy already in place.

At the start of lockdown, it was anyone’s guess what customer’s shopping propensity would be, however, as the situation changed it became clear that items for wedding guest looks, or day-to-night work dresses, which would normally be suitable content for that time of year, were no longer relevant.

John Lewis has a robust number of regular ‘new in’ SKUs, catering to many different occasions. The fact customers were at home adapting their lifestyles called for a last-minute pivot from previously planned seasonal products and copy to a much more laidback, casual easy-to-wear personalized ‘At-Home Fashion Edit’ email campaign. This campaign saw a massive uplift in metrics, driving an impressive open rate and click-through rate, with some of their best-ever email revenue results.

The John Lewis email campaigns sent during lockdown demonstrated the ease of adaptability with the set-up of Dressipi’s personalized emails and proved our success in focusing on the relevancy of product recommendations in line with the current climate.

Examples of personalized 'At home' and 'Home workout' fashion edit emails

Another COVID-19 driven email campaign was supporting our Italian client OVS’s re-opening of stores, sending emails with a highly tailored edit of each customer’s best clothing selection available in their local store. The aim? - drive more revenue-generating footfall into stores.

These emails were targeted at all store customers (shopping across kidswear, menswear and womenswear) who had not bought anything in the two weeks from when stores re-opened. The campaign has been hugely successful, with data suggesting significant double-digit increases in revenue to stores.

Examples of personalized Summer edit emails for male and female customers

As retailers up their digital offering, Dressipi’s ability to support their clients with highly personalized email campaigns is an increasingly attractive solution. Highly flexible and easy to integrate across a range of ESP’s, the results show time and time again that relevant personalized product recommendations and content edits outperform segmentation, enhance the customer experience and more importantly make every email work harder to deliver more revenue and profit.

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can help your emails be more relevant to every customer then please get in touch.

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