Why Outfits Matter

Why Outfits Matter

Nice outfit! Thanks, an algorithm styled it for me. Controversial? Maybe.

If you ask a fashion editor (like I was for most of my career) it might all sound a bit suspect. Not to mention worrying. The same might be said for brand merchandisers and online content creators. They’d be forgiven for asking you and your outfit styling algorithms to politely step aside from their carefully crafted on-brand creations. How do you quantify creativity after all? And what about style? But that’s just it: when it comes to the power of AI and automated outfitting it’s not about quantifying creativity, it’s about scaling it. Outfitting is an important part of how a customer shops and as fashion consumption moves increasingly online, being able to scale a brand’s creative output by showing multiple, personalized outfits to each customer is a lucrative way to blend the online and offline experiences.

Full article published in The Robin Report.

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